The Fate of the Caravan, Orphans, Dragons, Giants and Luskan
Go East!

You discover the caravan guards had been doublecrossed by Tharkus Gromm who was attempting to frame you with wanted posters. You are tasked by Lady Harriana Hawkwinter to return some orphans to the nearest settlement. She confirms her suspicions of corruption when you hand her the ledger.

Departing the town, you feel the air grow a degree colder as the shadow of Vexilanthus, a friendly but overly talkative copper dragon, passes over you. The dragon convinces you to go north into the woods and visit an old stone tower where there seems to be some giants. The ranger feeds some hawks surrounding the tower as you hear bellows of a sad hill giant named Moog who tells you that Chief Guh has stolen her husband.

You continue on to Luskan and speak with locals who tell you of what happened to the great ship (which is still on fire). The local wizards are waiting for the fire to go out before they board it. Soon after you leave the pub, Brad suddenly disappears from the street you were walking down as a group.

Death to Giants

Taking out 6 Frost Giants is no simple task, yet you seem to do it brilliantly. You go talk to the face and it opens itself to you. You waste no time finding a treasure chest containing a cloak, a pair of bracers, a trident, a set of gloves a short sword and some gauntlets.

Iron Bottom to Fireshear
Dumbledore's office has a Griffon Door.

After getting the priest of Torm to identify your potions and scroll, you trade some gems for a suit of Black Iron plate mail at the emporium. Rendaril seems very interested in the Giant relics you have procured. You go to The Northlook where you find that the prices are exorbitant. In a small game of chance you obtain a wooden token with a lion emblazoned on it.

You agree to accompany a Caravan to Fireshear. You ambush a Hill Giant, two ogres and two bug bears. You stop in Hundelstone where Thwip Ironbottom gives you a clockwork dog and explains that the rope isn’t quite ready. He also explains that Beldora has aprised him of your deeds and before you leave town suggests you seek out Krowen Valharrow in Everlund.

You abandon the caravan after learning the pay was poor leaving them to their own devices and travel north to Ironmaster where Aurgrek Brighthelm’s cousin Gwert gives you gems and tells you of a griffon trainer in Fireshear after promising to send reinforcements to Bryn Shander.

You return to Bryn Shander with no consequence and are ordained “Defender of Icewind Dale” completing Markham Southwell’s quest. Aurgrek Brighthelm thanks you for delivering the message.

Sorlesia Zandra and Naeremos approach
Brad that they want to recruit The Weevil. Brad tells you that there is 5000 gold worth of gems in it for the group and that you should go to the smaller towns to seek him out and deliver him back to Geldnestag’s Rest… alive.

You travel to Fireshear and after much debate find that the horn is pretty unremarkable but extremely useful to Dasharra Keldebar. She agrees to train you in exchange for the horn telling you that she’s been trying to get Rendaril to procure one for ages. You spend three days training on the Griffons.

At the end of your training, a giant greatship with white dragon wings for sails and mammoth tusks lashed to its bow emerges from the thick fog. 12 frost giants leap over the side and start wading through the frigid icy waters towards the town. Dasharra looks at you and says “Well, what are you waiting for?”

As the townsfolk flee, the giants fan out and begin their attack. You take on a group of three giants two of whom who slip below the icy waters of the harbor.

9 giants remain. Three of them are making their way towards the mines, 2 are making their way towards the mines while a group of four makes their way towards a large stone building and a group of three has turned their attention towards you. This is where we will start the session on Tuesday. Please be prepared to track your own griffon’s hit points and roll their attacks through some means on Tuesday!

If I’ve missed anything that you remember please leave it in the comments.

North to Bryn Shander

As you travel north you come across a dead gnome. You find a sleeping Hill Giant who admits to you that he tried eating the Gnome then advised you that he’d like to trade a shiny for the privelege of eating the elf. You slay the giant. You travel through Hundelstone to Bryn Shander. You complete the quest of telling Sheriff Markham Southwell about the death of his sister. Attack on Bryn Shander. You have not rested at the end of this session or before the beginning of the next. You found two potions and a scroll.


After getting turned around in the Ardeep Forest on the way to Goldenfields a cloud giant invites you up with cloud steps and you gleefully climb them like a kid going into a floating white van. He tells you that you are the ones chosen to correct the Ordning. Air cultists arrive, you wait out Zephyros casting spells to confer about their intention’s alignment with his own. He bids them farwell and gives you some pixie dust.

7 days later on your journey to Bryn Shander, a Silver Dragon lands delivering Shield Dwarves intent on disabling the castle. You defeat them and Zephyros delivers you to the cross roads south of Icewind Dale

Morak's Quests

This page has the quests that Morak provided to you.

Dripping Caves

You ventured out into the woods and came upon the dripping caves after meeting a giant owl that tried very hard to communicate with The Ranger You killed an Ogre and his Wife and multiple goblins and rescued the towns folk from a fate worse than bats. Er Death.


After finding Lady Nandar dead and ridding the town of goblins, the seven snakes rolled into town saying they were going to overtake the town and become it’s government. The guards then took offense to this but you helped to kill the guards after being convinced that Lady Nandar was a fascist.

An army of orcs then attacked the town fleeing from the Ardeep forest wood elves. You took out the army of orcs.

Session One

You heard rumors of goblins terrorizing the settlement. The High Steward of Nightstone Lady Velrosa Nandar is a Waterdhavian noble. She was offering a reward to anyone willing and able to deal with the goblin threat. After travelling along the High Road for days you came across a wooden signpost next to a trail that heads north into the hills. “Waterdeep and Daggerford” both followed the high road, but a third “Nightstone” beckons you to follow the trail.
6:00 PM
Approaching Nightstone you heard the ringing sound of a bell. The sound grew louder as Nightstone came into view.
6:01 PM
As you approached a lowered drawbridge you noticed some tracks headed north, both villager tracks and goblin tracks coming to and leading away from the village. You also noticed some large wolf-like footprints.
6:03 PM
Inside town you immediately noticed large boulders that weren’t there the last time you were in town. You saw a 2 large Worgs and thought it best to leave them to their meal when they growled at you.
6:03 PM
You also noticed that the large stone in the middle of town was missing.
6:04 PM
As you proceeded through the town you silenced the bell by killing the goblins that were ringing it, and continued to dipatch goblins that were wreaking havoc throughout the town on your way to approach the keep.
6:06 PM
You found lots of supplies in town
6:06 PM
you notice that the bridge is out, but manage to jump across
6:06 PM
inside the keep you find four of lady nandars guards standing over HER DEAD BODY duh duh duh. She had been crushed by one of the boulders.

The guards are demoralized and in shock and they explain to you that a giant castle in the sky flew overhead and began dropping the rocks on the town. The keep was cut off from the town when the bridge was taken out. With nowhere to hide the villagers lowered the drawbridge and fled north, probably to some caves north of town. Several guards stationed around the village fled with the villagers. Once the villagers fled, four pale skinned giants descended and took the “nightstone” from the center of town, took it back to the castle the the castle began heading eastward. Like many of the villagers, Lady Nandar was crushed under rubble.
6:13 PM
You went looking for a place to rest and came upon Lady Nandar’s room, and opened a chest against the guards advice. A flying sword attacked. You then cleared the village of goblins at the guard’s behest, keeping all loot found as a reward.
6:13 PM
you paid the guards out of the loot taken from lady nandar’s chest.
6:13 PM
Clearing out the tavern, you came upon Kella Darkhope
6:14 PM
She had a flying snake (Jeremy also found a flying cat) wrapped around her arm. You could sense that her story of being trapped wasn’t quite what it seemed to be.


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