Bryn Shander Quests

Aurgrek Brighthelm’s quest:

Go to Ironmaster and get help from my dwarven cousins. Non-dwarves are not allowed inside the lands. Stand next to one of the menhirs and wait for someone to approach.

Markham Southwell – Go check Icewind Dale for giants.

Sirac of Suzail A member of the Cimber family. Has no idea where the ring of winter is. Quest: Go find Artus Cimber. Waterdeep, Roaringhorn Estate

Sir Baric Nylef Quest: Seek out Sir Lanniver Strayl in Neverwinter and tell him about my mission.

Beldora: Harper in disguise as a homeless person. Quest: Go say hi to Thwip in Hundelstone.

Bryn Shander Quests

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