The Fate of the Caravan, Orphans, Dragons, Giants and Luskan

Go East!

You discover the caravan guards had been doublecrossed by Tharkus Gromm who was attempting to frame you with wanted posters. You are tasked by Lady Harriana Hawkwinter to return some orphans to the nearest settlement. She confirms her suspicions of corruption when you hand her the ledger.

Departing the town, you feel the air grow a degree colder as the shadow of Vexilanthus, a friendly but overly talkative copper dragon, passes over you. The dragon convinces you to go north into the woods and visit an old stone tower where there seems to be some giants. The ranger feeds some hawks surrounding the tower as you hear bellows of a sad hill giant named Moog who tells you that Chief Guh has stolen her husband.

You continue on to Luskan and speak with locals who tell you of what happened to the great ship (which is still on fire). The local wizards are waiting for the fire to go out before they board it. Soon after you leave the pub, Brad suddenly disappears from the street you were walking down as a group.


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