Session One

You heard rumors of goblins terrorizing the settlement. The High Steward of Nightstone Lady Velrosa Nandar is a Waterdhavian noble. She was offering a reward to anyone willing and able to deal with the goblin threat. After travelling along the High Road for days you came across a wooden signpost next to a trail that heads north into the hills. “Waterdeep and Daggerford” both followed the high road, but a third “Nightstone” beckons you to follow the trail.
6:00 PM
Approaching Nightstone you heard the ringing sound of a bell. The sound grew louder as Nightstone came into view.
6:01 PM
As you approached a lowered drawbridge you noticed some tracks headed north, both villager tracks and goblin tracks coming to and leading away from the village. You also noticed some large wolf-like footprints.
6:03 PM
Inside town you immediately noticed large boulders that weren’t there the last time you were in town. You saw a 2 large Worgs and thought it best to leave them to their meal when they growled at you.
6:03 PM
You also noticed that the large stone in the middle of town was missing.
6:04 PM
As you proceeded through the town you silenced the bell by killing the goblins that were ringing it, and continued to dipatch goblins that were wreaking havoc throughout the town on your way to approach the keep.
6:06 PM
You found lots of supplies in town
6:06 PM
you notice that the bridge is out, but manage to jump across
6:06 PM
inside the keep you find four of lady nandars guards standing over HER DEAD BODY duh duh duh. She had been crushed by one of the boulders.

The guards are demoralized and in shock and they explain to you that a giant castle in the sky flew overhead and began dropping the rocks on the town. The keep was cut off from the town when the bridge was taken out. With nowhere to hide the villagers lowered the drawbridge and fled north, probably to some caves north of town. Several guards stationed around the village fled with the villagers. Once the villagers fled, four pale skinned giants descended and took the “nightstone” from the center of town, took it back to the castle the the castle began heading eastward. Like many of the villagers, Lady Nandar was crushed under rubble.
6:13 PM
You went looking for a place to rest and came upon Lady Nandar’s room, and opened a chest against the guards advice. A flying sword attacked. You then cleared the village of goblins at the guard’s behest, keeping all loot found as a reward.
6:13 PM
you paid the guards out of the loot taken from lady nandar’s chest.
6:13 PM
Clearing out the tavern, you came upon Kella Darkhope
6:14 PM
She had a flying snake (Jeremy also found a flying cat) wrapped around her arm. You could sense that her story of being trapped wasn’t quite what it seemed to be.


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