Iron Bottom to Fireshear

Dumbledore's office has a Griffon Door.

After getting the priest of Torm to identify your potions and scroll, you trade some gems for a suit of Black Iron plate mail at the emporium. Rendaril seems very interested in the Giant relics you have procured. You go to The Northlook where you find that the prices are exorbitant. In a small game of chance you obtain a wooden token with a lion emblazoned on it.

You agree to accompany a Caravan to Fireshear. You ambush a Hill Giant, two ogres and two bug bears. You stop in Hundelstone where Thwip Ironbottom gives you a clockwork dog and explains that the rope isn’t quite ready. He also explains that Beldora has aprised him of your deeds and before you leave town suggests you seek out Krowen Valharrow in Everlund.

You abandon the caravan after learning the pay was poor leaving them to their own devices and travel north to Ironmaster where Aurgrek Brighthelm’s cousin Gwert gives you gems and tells you of a griffon trainer in Fireshear after promising to send reinforcements to Bryn Shander.

You return to Bryn Shander with no consequence and are ordained “Defender of Icewind Dale” completing Markham Southwell’s quest. Aurgrek Brighthelm thanks you for delivering the message.

Sorlesia Zandra and Naeremos approach
Brad that they want to recruit The Weevil. Brad tells you that there is 5000 gold worth of gems in it for the group and that you should go to the smaller towns to seek him out and deliver him back to Geldnestag’s Rest… alive.

You travel to Fireshear and after much debate find that the horn is pretty unremarkable but extremely useful to Dasharra Keldebar. She agrees to train you in exchange for the horn telling you that she’s been trying to get Rendaril to procure one for ages. You spend three days training on the Griffons.

At the end of your training, a giant greatship with white dragon wings for sails and mammoth tusks lashed to its bow emerges from the thick fog. 12 frost giants leap over the side and start wading through the frigid icy waters towards the town. Dasharra looks at you and says “Well, what are you waiting for?”

As the townsfolk flee, the giants fan out and begin their attack. You take on a group of three giants two of whom who slip below the icy waters of the harbor.

9 giants remain. Three of them are making their way towards the mines, 2 are making their way towards the mines while a group of four makes their way towards a large stone building and a group of three has turned their attention towards you. This is where we will start the session on Tuesday. Please be prepared to track your own griffon’s hit points and roll their attacks through some means on Tuesday!

If I’ve missed anything that you remember please leave it in the comments.


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